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New Zealanders call their magical land ‘God’s Own Country’ – and once you arrive, you’ll soon know why. The country’s stunning natural landscape is a giant playground for all ages, and a holiday to New Zealand promises scenery that has to be seen to be believed. Two main islands comprise New Zealand – North Island and South Island – and on your travels you’ll pass mountains, lakes, rainforest and beaches in such close proximity that your mind will be reeling from visual overload!


New Zealand is located between the Tasman Sea and the South Pacific Ocean, and aside from a warm Kiwi welcome, there is plenty to love about New Zealand. Soaring mountains, ancient glaciers, huge forests, unique wildlife and superb beaches make it a favourite with outdoor lovers, all served up with a delicious glass of wine from the New World.


New Zealand’s stunning landscapes, vibrant forests, amazing wildlife and great climate make it a fantastic destination for those who love the great outdoors. Often considered the adventure capital of the world, in New Zealand anything goes – from the original bungy jump

over the swirling waters of the Kawarau River, swimming with hundreds of wild Dusky Dolphins, or landing on a glacier for a bottle of champagne, to simply relaxing on a beautiful beach without a soul in sight. With such a diverse society, New Zealanders are some of the most welcoming people you can find, and with their emerging world-class cuisine and spectacular wines, this really is one of the most diverse and exciting holiday destinations in the world.


South Island, the larger of New Zealand’s two main landmasses, is home to the Southern Alps, including New Zealand’s highest peak, Mount Cook. On its coast, is its largest city, Christchurch, known both as ‘the Cambridge of the southern hemisphere’ and the Garden City. In the southwest, there is the ‘adventure capital of the world’, Queenstown, where skiing, jet boating, bungee-jumping, mountain biking and tramping (hiking) can be enjoyed.


North Island is less mountainous and best known for its geothermal wonders. It is also home to New Zealand’s largest city and sailing port, Auckland, as well as the capital, Wellington.

Travel Info

WHEN TO GO: Travelling to New Zealand takes approximately 25 hours, so we recommend breaking your journey in South East Asia or California. Located in the southern hemisphere, the weather in New Zealand is opposite to ours. Summer runs from December to late February, with the latter month seeing the highest temperatures (20-30c). The mild climate in Spring (September to November) and Autumn (March to May) make these seasons a beautiful time to visit New Zealand. With many ski fields dotted across the country, Winter (June to August) is also a wonderful time for travelling to New Zealand. It really is a year-round destination!


WHO FOR: Something for everyone.


TYPE OF HOLIDAY: Fly Fishing, Food and Wine, Multi-Sport, Self-Drive, Nature and Wildlife, Walking and Hiking, Maori Culture, Rail Journeys, Active adventure

Need to Know

 CURRENCY: New Zealand Dollar

 LANGUAGE: English and Maori are the official languages.

CAPITAL: Wellington

GETTING THERE: Flights to New Zealand with Air New Zealand operate via Los Angeles or Hong Kong – the journey time is approximately 25 hours in total. Several other airlines including Singapore Airlines and Malaysia Airlines also fly to New Zealand.

VISA: No visa required for British passport holders.

TIME DIFFERENCE: +11 hours in the UK summer and +13 hours in the UK winter.