Katrina Trotter Travel | Mexico
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Mexico offers a whole range of experiences owing to it’s diversity – Iconic cactus filled deserts, rugged mountain ranges, plunging canyons, Spanish colonial towns, a rich Aztec and Mayan cultural heritage and tropical jungles overlooking white sandy beaches on the Caribbean coast. Whether you’re looking for a luxury hacienda, a chic boutique hotel or a family friendly resort, Mexico has the answer to most travellers needs.


The Yucatan Peninsula is an exciting region for outdoor adventures and ecotourism with its vast Mayan Ruins, underground sink holes, nature reserves and idyllic beaches. Hop from hacienda to hacienda uncovering the mysticism of the Mayan world and ending your

holiday relaxing by the crystal clear sea or scuba diving in the pristine barrier reef. A wonderful destination for families of all ages, as well as honeymooners.


Whale-watching off Baja California peninsula combined with a train journey through the Copper Canyon promises a holiday of a lifetime.


Central Mexico is bursting with colourful colonial towns with an abundance of markets selling silver goods, textiles, rugs and beautiful crockery. Elaborate baroque architecture, cobbled stone streets open out onto tree-lined plazas. A holiday here is a historical and cultural journey back in time.

Travel Info

WHEN TO GO: Mexico is a very big country so the climates vary a lot throughout the regions.  Generally the best time to go is between November and April during the drier months. The rainy and hotter season runs from May to November. Hurricanes tend to hit the caribbean coast between June and November.


WHO FOR: Mexico has a bit of everything – Spanish colonial and Mayan history, masses of culture, first class beaches and top-end hotels, adventurous train journeys and extensive marine wildlife. It’s ideal for those looking for an excellent choice of accommodation, crystal clear sea and white sandy beaches mixed in with a bit of adventure and local culture


TYPE OF HOLIDAY: Honeymoon, Culture and History, Adventure and Trekking, Beach Escape, Scuba Diving, Private House Rental

Need to Know

 CURRENCY: Mexican Peso

 LANGUAGE: Spanish

CAPITAL: Mexico City

FLIGHT TIME: 10.20 hrs (direct and non-direct from UK)

VISA: Not needed for UK passport holders


COMBINES WELL WITH: Belize, Guatemala, Cuba