Katrina Trotter Travel | Brazil
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Brazil is the largest country in South America and owing to it’s size, offers a whole range of exciting holidays from tropical jungle adventures, historical journeys, outback trekking through gorges and canyons to lazy days on the beach.


Natural wonders such as The Amazon rainforest, the mighty Iguazu Falls in the south and the giant wetlands of the Pantanal to the west cover a huge proportion of Brazil making it an ideal destination for nature and wildlife enthusiasts.

The coastline from north to south is dotted with wild beaches, colonial towns and vibrant cities including Salvador de Bahia and Rio de Janeiro. If you are looking for romantic isolated beaches with a touch of class head to Trancoso and Corumbau however if you would like island life and scuba diving make your way to Fernando de Noronha off the north east coast.


Lastly, Brazil is home to music and dance and hence famous for hosting one of the world’s most exciting carnivals.

Travel Info

WHEN TO GO: Time of year is very important in Brazil. High Season for the beaches is from December to March with temperates going up to 35 degrees but be aware there can be heavy downpours owing to the tropical climate. Rio and to the south tends to be cool and dry between June and October. The Amazon is best between May and September however rain is common here all year round with highest rainfall in December and January. The Pantanal Wetlands are best visited between June and September in the drier months.


WHO FOR: Brazil is best suited to people who have time on their hands to explore the very best the country has to offer. It’s for those who want an adventure, a cultural experience and something a bit different.


TYPE OF HOLIDAY: Honeymoon, Trekking, Family Escape, Nature and Wildlife, Culture, Beach Escape, Scuba Diving, Private House rental.

Need to Know

 CURRENCY: Brazilian Real

 LANGUAGE: Portuguese

CAPITAL: Brasilia

FLIGHT TIME: 10.45 hrs from UK (Direct from London)

VISA: Not needed for UK passport holders


COMBINES WELL WITH: Argentina, Uruguay & Chile