Katrina Trotter Travel | Egypt
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The Land of Pharaohs and Ancient Treasures. Egypt needs little introduction with many ancient wonders from the world’s first civilisation’s; World famous pyramids, Luxor temple, the tomb strewn Valley of the Kings and the mighty temples of Abu Simbel and more.


It has one of the oldest histories of any modern state, and has fascinated scholars, students and historians from all over the world with its mighty pyramids, ancient temples and the mystery of the gods.


Egypt’s vast land mass is covered by desert sands surrounding the great River Nile. Travellers come here to discover the magic, mystery and hidden secrets of it’s beautiful nature, ancient souqs, historic mosques and heritage buildings mixed with the modernisation of the

western world with internet cafes, modern skyscrapers, 5 star hotels and designer shopping. Cairo is the most populated city in Egypt but still manages to have a vibrant buzz making it an interesting place to visit.


Historically, Egypt is the only destination in the world with numerous civilizations including but not limited to The Pharaohs, Nubians, Persians, Greeks, Romans, Copts, Arabs and the Ottomans.


Some of the highlights include shopping in Cairo and the Khan El Khalili Market, The Giza Plateau and the pyramids, the Sphinx, vast temples, ancient tombs in the Valley of the Kings, Safari tours, sleeping under the stars as well as exclusive luxury boat trips down The Nile on your own Dahabeya.

Travel Info

WHEN TO GO: The best time to visit Egypt is from September to April however it is a year-round destination. It can be very hot between June and August, especially towards Luxor and Aswan.


WHO FOR: Historians, culture and architecture enthusiasts, beach lovers and scuba divers (Red sea).


TYPE OF HOLIDAY: Culture, History, Beaches, Shopping, Desert Safari

Need to Know

 CURRENCY: Egyptian Pound

 LANGUAGE: The Official Language is Arabic


FLIGHT TIME: 4hrs 40 minutes direct from UK

VISA: To be obtained on arrival for UK passport holders