Katrina Trotter Travel | Australia
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Australia is like nowhere else: a remarkable continent and a land of huge contrasts – untouched deserts, ancient rainforests, mystical Uluru, productive wine country, the mighty outback, the vast unknown interior, idyllic Barrier Reef Islands, cresting surf beaches and sophisticated cities. It is wild, vast, untouched and yet cosmopolitan, cultural, cool.


Whether you’re after tropical paradise, luxury escapism or an epic overland adventure, Australia has it all.

First time travellers will be keen to experience such icons as Sydney, Uluru and the Great Barrier Reef. They are icons for a reason and are truly wonderful to see: let us show you how to best experience them – away from the crowds. Australia is about more than just the icons – it is a place to explore off the beaten track, to seek out hidden gems and to amble along empty beaches. Any genuinely Australian experience must include time with the locals and a chance to experience the warmth of their hospitality, their ‘down to earth’ friendliness and that dry Australian sense of humour.

Travel Info

WHEN TO GO: Any time. We design trips based on experiences and will create a journey for you that showcases the best of Australia for the season that you choose to travel.

The best time to visit the Southern Part of the Country is from October to March, while Northern Australia is lovely from April to September. Australia’s climatic extremes are greater than most countries in the world. The northern shores of the country are dominated by a wet monsoon in the summer months (November to March), and dry, tropical climate throughout the rest of the year. The interior (essentially the Outback) receives little rainfall, supporting a multitude of ephemeral plants when the rains do finally come, and a controlled cycle of reproduction amongst the resident mammals.


WHO FOR: Something for everyone.


TYPE OF HOLIDAY: Indigenous Culture, Diving and Snorkelling, Air-boat Safaris, Fishing Safaris, Game Drives and Walks, Golf, Private Yacht Charters, Bird Watching, Unique Dining Experiences, Wine Tours, Beaches and more!

Need to Know


 LANGUAGE: English

CAPITAL: Canberra

GETTING THERE: Australia is serviced by many Airlines offering daily flights including British Airways, Qantas, Singapore Airlines and Emirates. Flying time to Sydney is 22-24 hours

VISA: UK passport holders require an Electronic Travel Authority (ETA) to enter Australia for which there is an online application.

TIME DIFFERENCE: GMT +7 to +11 hours, with three time zones.