Katrina Trotter Travel | Colombia
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Colombia is enthralling, passionate, beautiful and exotic. This amazing land of contrasts offers a range of great experiences on every level and after being off the wish list for visitors for many years it is now becoming one of the highlights of South America. With it’s rich cultural history, outstanding architecture, breathtaking scenery and the simple warmth and hospitality of its people, this fascinating country is becoming an increasingly popular destination.


Located in the north-west corner of the continent and sharing borders with Panama, Venezuela, Brazil, Peru and Ecuador, Colombia is the fourth largest country in South America. It is the only South American country to boast coastlines on both the Pacific and Atlantic (Caribbean) oceans. It shares Amazonian rainforest with Brazil and Peru and “Los Llanos”, the vast plains area with neighbouring Venezuela.

Traversing the country north to south, three impressive spines of the Andean mountains adds to its immense geographic and biological diversity.


With its proud Pre-Colonial, Colonial and Republican history, Colombia has a wealth of cultural attractions and some of the finest coffee in the world. Nature and wildlife abound in its diverse eco-systems and the legendary friendliness and generosity of its people will ensure a warm welcome in every corner of the country.


The memories and experience you’ll take away from a trip to Colombia is colour, vibrant coastlines, lush mountains, verdant greens of the Amazon jungle combined with an eclectic mix of culture, history, dance, food and drink, music and literature.

Travel Info

WHEN TO GO: Colombia is an all year round destination. Festivals, carnivals and natural phenomenons such as Whale watching in the Pacific Coast full the months with plenty of variety. There are dry seasons in various parts of the country. In the Andean regions, there are two dry and two wet seasons per year, and driest months being from December to March and July to August. In low-lying areas, especially southern Colombia, rainfall is more constant but showers never last for too long.


WHO FOR: Colombia caters for travellers who enjoy a rich mixture of culture, wildlife and relaxation. There are luxurious boutique hotels and world class culinary experiences for those that want the best of the best. Nature lovers are spoilt for choice as there are nature reserves and parks all over the country. Beach lovers have much to choose from including the paradisiacal islands like Providencia off the north coast which are famed for snorkelling and scuba diving.


TYPE OF HOLIDAY: Culture, hispanic history, music and dance, nature and wildlife, coffee experience, birding, trekking, beach, snorkelling and diving

Need to Know

 CURRENCY: Pesos Colombianos

 LANGUAGE: Spanish


FLIGHT TIME: 11hrs and 25 mins direct from UK (16hrs non-direct with connections)

VISA: Not needed for UK passport holders


COMBINES WELL WITH: Panama, Ecuador and Cuba