Katrina Trotter Travel | Iceland
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Iceland is an island in the North Atlantic near 66° N, the Arctic Circle, between North America and Europe. Iceland is known as “The land of fire and ice”, where volcanoes and glaciers live side by side. The land is constantly changing due to the volcanic activities underneath the surface. Iceland has vast expanses of black sand beaches, 130 volcanoes, 10,000 waterfalls; geysers, 24 hours of daylight during the summer, and highlands affording 360° panoramic vistas of the island’s sublime landscape – it seems to go on forever. Your experience in Iceland offers sensations found nowhere else in the world. Iceland will take you by surprise.

Iceland is a very young country from a geological standpoint, still in the midst of its own creation. Shaped by the forces of nature, the barren landscapes demonstrate the creativity powers of the four basic elements-earth, air, fire, and water in a dramatic way. Active volcanoes, bright green valleys, glacier-cut fjords, black sand beaches and roaring rivers are the most distinctive features of the Icelandic landscape. And although accessible, they still remain virtually untouched

Travel Info

WHEN TO GO: Iceland is an all year destination. Due to the Gulf Stream Iceland has much milder climate then its name and location indicate. The summer season is from late May to early September and gives you almost 24 hours of daylight. The winter season is the abode of long nights and dancing northern lights. Most of the activity’s you can do are all year round. Whale watching, ice hiking, horseback riding, atv´s, snowmobiling and swimming in geothermal heated swimming pools.


WHO FOR: Iceland is for all ages, young or old, we can find suitable activities and cultural experience for all.


TYPE OF HOLIDAY: Iceland is all about the nature and outdoor adventures. Soft adventures, fine food and great night life.

Need to Know

 CURRENCY: Icelandic krona

 LANGUAGE: Icelandic

CAPITAL: Reykjavik

GETTING THERE: Direct flights from UK. 3 hours flying time approx.

VISA: UK passport holders do not requires visas

TIME DIFFERENCE: No time difference with UK in summer but -1 hour in winter