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As a tailor made travel specialist, I am able to plan a wide-range of holidays. Whether you prefer to focus on history and culture traveling with your own private guide, a romantic honeymoon,

a sabbatical or a family holiday, I will help you create a totally personalised trip suited to your interests and individual needs.

Honeymoon & Romance

Looking for something exclusive and pampering or active and wild, there is a wealth of choice in Latin America. Breathtaking landscapes, romantic nights sleeping under the stars in the desert, intimate lodges overlooking glaciers, safari camp in the Galapagos, chic city hotels all mixed in with excellent service and hospitality offer honeymooners a trip of a lifetime.


TOP SPOTS: Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Uruguay, Peru, Ecuador & Galapagos, Costa Rica, Guatemala and Belize


A massive choice of beach destinations and excellent family hotels, kids clubs and friendly people help make Latin America a very good bucket and spade destination. If you are looking for a bit of action, there are plenty of educational adventures in exotic locations for the older children.


TOP SPOTS: Costa Rica, Mexico, Belize, Brazil, Peru, Ecuador and Galapagos

Beach Escapes

From the white sand beaches and giant barrier reefs in Central America to the thousands of miles of coastline in Brazil, there are beaches for everyone and anyone all year round.  Remote islands offer fabulous diving and snorkelling opportunities, family resorts cater for children of all ages, world class kite-surfing spots for the adrenaline junkies and much more.


TOP SPOTS: Mexico, Costa Rica, Belize, Brazil, Uruguay, Cuba


Sailing around the Galapagos islands, Navigating through the Amazon Jungle, Cruising through the Beagle Channel and around Cape Horn or crossing the Andes via the lakes are some of the exciting ways to explore the continent.


TOP SPOTS: Galapagos, Chile, Argentina, Peru and Brazil

City Breaks

Latin America is bursting with exciting cultural cities. Mexico City’s anthropological museum houses the fines collection of archaeological artefacts from Maya civilisations to the Spanish conquest;Rio de Janeiro’s Municipal theatre is Brazil’s most well known stage fro opera, ballet and classical music as well as hosting New Year parties and carnivals to die for! Buenos Aires is often called the “Paris of South America” for it’s architecture and European influence.


TOP SPOTS: Brazil, Peru , Argentina, Bolivia, Cuba and Mexico


The opportunities are endless! Trekking through jungles, climbing mountain and glaciers in Patagonia, riding with gauchos in the Andes, zip-lining above the cloud forest, snorkelling with marine iguanas and swimming with penguins… the list goes on.


TOP SPOTS: Argentina, Chile,  Galapagos, Peru, Brazil, Costa Rica, Belize, Guatemala, Ecuador, Uruguay and Mexico

Wildlife and Nature

Spotting toucans and quetzals in Central America to whales and penguins in Patagonia, Latin America has so many different ecosystems that nature and wildlife is at the heart of so many holidays. Rainforest covers a third of the entire continent, there are over three thousand bird species and it has the richest population of animals on our planet.


TOP SPOTS: Argentina, Chile, Brazil, Uruguay, Peru, Ecuador and Galapagos, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Belize, Cuba and Mexico

Private Houses

Taking your own private house for your family or a group of friends gives you the flexibility to do what you like on holiday. No fixed meal times or rigid hotel policies. Ranging from fully staffed villas, beach houses and private islands to country estates.


TOP SPOTS: Brazil, Uruguay, Belize and Mexico